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RedBlock Forms Strategic Partnership with Block Technology

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

RedBlock Capital has formed a strategic partnership with a leader in China based blockchain media, Block Technology. The two parties will bring together their resources to jointly establish a Digital Assets Research Institute. The collaboration will focus on providing quality analysis and market insights into the asset tokenization vertical, work with portfolio projects on market intelligence as well as incubating selected early stage projects along the entire asset tokenization value chain.

Block Group is committed to building the world's leading blockchain technology media group. Founded in March 2018, Block Group and its ecosystem of brands have received investment and support from a number of well-known blockchain investment funds and individuals.

Currently, Block Group has established a strong ecosystem of projects and partners globally, particularly in Asia. Block Technology is the leading blockchain social media brand under Block Group.

About Block Global

Block Global is a leading, China-based blockchain technology media group, with a vibrant ecosystem of brands. Currently, Block Global covers Block Technology, block-times, Coinin, Beecast, Block Capital, and Huopin Online. Block Global has also established Global Blockchain Alliance, invested in more than 10 upstream and downstream enterprises of the blockchain, and has basically completed the ecological layout of the blockchain industry and the full layout of the Asian blockchain media.

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About RedBlock Inc

RedBlock Inc is a digital investment and fintech firm leveraging blockchain technology for asset digitization and management, from issuance to secondary liquidity. Its global network of capital market participants, including issuers, broker-dealers, secondary exchanges, funds, liquidity providers and custodians, are supported by its end-to-end blockchain-powered asset management platform. RedBlock also manages an investment fund to support companies in its ecosystem that align with its investment thesis. With a growing track record and pipeline, the RedBlock team hails from top tier global investment banks, venture capital firms and blockchain technology companies.

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